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Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Old Seiberco AIM LX 5000
I cannot control the driver. Serial connect only get "w" or "vw" charracter.


I'm looking for documents of Seiberco AIM LX 5000 series. I found those servo drivers in my old storage. They still in good condition (look like new). And the Ready led still green with no fault when I connected them to powerline. But when i tried to rotate the motor by pulse signal in CN3-2, CN3-4; or connect to the COM port on my PC, and i used putty software. They just send back only "w" character at very first start. If I send a bunch of characters (about 77 chars), another 2 characters "vw" back. Is there anyone can help me?

Please email:
I'm very very appreciate!


I'm now still stuck with those Seiberco Driver. I wrote a small program which send 255 ASCII characters, but several have feedback. I just receive "w" or "vw" from all my driver. I hope you can help me about the document. Not only for AIM 5000, but also any other driver product seiberco still very good with me. Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you so much.

Reagan Hoang,