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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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AC Stepper Motor Drive
What goes with AC stepper drive, a stepper AC motor?

I have a chinese Stepper drive DM860H which has a AC power supply from 20-60VAC. How is it possible? my question is is there any AC stepper Motors?

It's a while since I've dealt with servo control. You can have AC Servomotors but only seen DC Stepper Drives.

I recall an ABB system with phase locked AC motors - slave motor phase locked to a master but the slave could not rotate stepwise.

Hello Friends. I am Jack.

You ask AC stepper motor is not correct.

In fact no name AC stepper motor or DC stepper motor. There are only AC power supply or DC power supply for Stepper driver. such as what you get is AC power supply for stepper driver. You can ask seller who supply stepper driver to sell you 2 phase stepper motor fitting it.

AC servo motor, DC servo motor, that is no problem.

Yes, there are. Here's a link to a website which provides such: (for reference purposes only).

Scroll down a bit until you see the header that says, "Standard AC stepper motor categories by Power Jack Motion".

Hope this helps!