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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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SER Speed Control
SER Speed Control

Dear all,

I am Graduate Control System Engineer for a processing mining plant at the moment as my background is Electrical Engineering. here we've got a SAG mill that its speed is being controlled by Slip ring Energy Recovery (SER) system with the motor speed range is 85-105%. my question is how the SER adjust the speed in this range? which parameter perform to rotor to revolving faster than its capacity (100%)? due to all information I have found, they just describe briefly on how SER working for saving the waste energy that loss as heat in the rotor to feedback to the supply source. there is not enough information for depth understanding. could anyone please give me any advice.

Any help would be appreciate and thank you in advance.



After using my preferred World Wide Web search engine, I believe the place to start trying to understand the system is to research wound rotor induction motors.

You should also ask to see the instruction manuals for the drives at your site and/or search the World Wide Web for information using the drive manufacturer's company name and model number.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for your suggestion.