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Communicating with an Allen Bradley 1394 GMC Digital Servo
Problems Communicating with Allen Bradley 1394 GMC turbo system


I am facing a problem in connecting my digital servo GMC 1394 with the PC through serial port. the problem is that when i connect, there is no response. after restarting the servo controller, i got the message on command "1394 GMC and firmware version and Application program running." after that there is no response.

we can't type any the in the dialogue box. it seems like servo controller is not responding or application program is not responding.
I have done Hard reset of servo controller but no response. same situation. It display the name of the program. Can any one please suggest me where the actual problem is? is the problem is in the cable or Servo controller is faulty?

By Ikhtiander on 18 May, 2017 - 7:40 pm

Hi Shoaib

Please check this link :