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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Single Encoder Output to Multiple Devices
Can I connect a single encoder output to multiple devices?

I currently have an encoder connected to high speed inputs on a PLC, and now I need to get the same encoder signals into a broken shaft detector module.

Can I connect a single quadrature encoder to more than one input device without using a splitter module?

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There are several things to consider here, mainly the type of encoder output (open collector, differential, totem-pole), then there's the voltages the circuit runs on. It may be possible to do it as you ask, but you'd be better off using a splitter module, or at least use an optocoupler device on each channel. If you connect the encoder outputs to more than input per channel, it may become a nightmare: Noise issues, grounding, maybe even damage. I have done this a couple of times, but I wouldn't recommend it.