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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Actuator Friction Modelling
My project is modeling an actuator. It consists of a contraction between a leadscrew and a spring. I have encountered some issues modeling the friction component of the system.

I a modelling an actuator which works in the following way: a leadscrew and a spring are connected in series. The input is a motor torque which makes the nut translate on the leadscrew, which pushes the spring where a force sensor is implemented. Another input is at the other end of the spring, where a user can input a force which compresses the spring and increases the force. The actuator is force controlled. I would like to have some insight on what I have done until now, and how to proceed from here on, as I would like to implement the friction component which I have extracted from the real actuator during data collection.

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your best bet is to consult the published literature as this is part of all actuator designs. A forum simply cannot go into the level of detail required.