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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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Calculating the Parameters for an Asynchronous Motor
Using an asynchronous motor to control the flow of material for a 3D printer


I am working on 3D printing construction and my objective is to control the flow of the material so for that I need to control the motor. I am using Nord motor Asynchronous motor 100LA/4, and I am trying to calculate the different parameters of the motor like resistance inductance capacitance and motor constant. I have tried different equations to calculate but the simulation result is not good with those values so could you help me that how can I find the good values for these parameters?

Full load power = 5hp, 3.7kw.
full load speed = 1725 1/min
Mn = 20.5 NM
IN = 230v, 15.2 amp
rotor inertia = 0.006kg.m2

I will be grateful if you could help me. Thanks and awaiting for your response.

Dipen Patel

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All the FDM 3D printers that deposit melted plastic from a spool use a stepper motor that can be precisely controlled to advance the plastic material into the heated nozzle.
The slicing software will also add commands to retract the plastic to prevent strings between different locations on the part.

You can find stepper motors in a wide range of sizes and powers.

That diameter of plastic material do you plan on using?
The plastic filament common sizes are 1.75mm and 3mm.

Why would you need a 5 hp motor?
How BIG is the 3D printer you are designing?

good luck